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Welcome to China BCXHigh Power LED Lights Manufacturer and Supplier

To save money on the best and brightest high power LED light, BCX is firmly your best choice! BCX held the most professional techinics of developing LED light. LED is one of the well controlled lighting sources,compared to the traditional lighting source. LED has the lower power consumption. Generally,about 80% power could be saved and make the cost dropped sharply. Furthurmore,it also have the following features:low heat emitting,without harmful element,high brightness,high illuminous efficiency, easily installation and small size. It is said that the future days will be the innovation of lighting source as the leading application of LED green illumination.

High power LED lights are one of our main product which could give your place a fancy look and a sophisticated heat sink as it makes heat dissipating more efficiently.To ensure the quality of high power LED light are safe for you, BCX uses aluminuim housing as light material,easily cooling and anode of surface deal with oxidation.

BCX provides you the surpassing High Power LED lights. Contact us right now!