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High-Power Wall Washer-08

Product Name:High-power Shining Light

Item style:BH2N-S003A1A1CNE3-AA030A

Uses 1W LED as lighting source,high illuminated
Uses aluminuim housing as light material,easily
cooling and
anode of surface deal with oxidation.
Polish ,mooth and glossy surface.
The thickness of wire board is 1.0mm . drill hole
in the middle .
heat radiating directly by the bottom of channel

Application case:
Widely applied for bureau,toproom,emporium shop,
pole lamp,wall wisher,building,advertisement
decoration and character sign eta.
color:R, G, B, Y, W
style of LED:1W LED
viewing angle:120°
communication mode:---
with controller:---
power supply:Constant current Power(350mA)
with power supply:BPD7-350mA*1 BPD7-350mA*2 BPD8-350mA
caculating ways for the power :
output power≥power consumption for each single
xconnecting number/80%
operating temperature:-40°C to 80°C
Life time:30 Kh
Resisting level:IP65

LED is one of the well controlled lighting sources,compared to the traditional lighting source, LED has the lower.power consumption .Generally,about 80% power could be saved and make the cost dropped sharply. Furthurmore,it also have the following features:low heat emitting,without harmful element,high brightness,high illuminous efficiency, easily installation and small size. It is said that the future days will be the innovation of lighting source as the leading application of LED green illumination.

Surface Size:Unit-mm

onnection drawing


Material Specification
Mucilage 512A/B
Lamps and lanterns aluminium material(silvery white)
PCB Board

Fiber, Black paint on surface (576x27x1.0)mm


Technical Parameter :
Model Number LED Current per LED Power Consumption Luminosity under 0.5m distance Luminosity under 1m distance
Color Wave length (nm) Qty (PCS)
BH2N-R003A1A1CNE3-AA030A R 625-630 3 350±10mA 3W 120 Lux 40 Lux
BH2N-G003A1A1CNE3-AA030A G 518-522 3 350±10mA 3W 180 Lux 65 Lux
BH2N-B003A1A1CNE3-AA030A B 465-468 3 350±10mA 3W 150 Lux 54 Lux
BH2N-Y003A1A1CNE3-AA030A Y 588-592 3 350±10mA 3W 100 Lux 35 Lux
BH2N-W003A1A1CNE3-AA030A W ---- 3 350±10mA 3W 460 Lux 145 Lux


Packing Specification
Single Box
Packing Qty 1 Pc/Convolute


Weight: (N)
0.55Kg(G) 0.6Kg
Size (mm) 762x85x34
Outer Box
Packing Qty 12 Pcs/Outer Box
Weight: (N)
6.6Kg(G) 8Kg
Size (mm) 770x184x120