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01: SMD Bars

Product Name: LED Strip

Item style:BB02B-F018H1D4H9-031A

Uses trinity-SMD LED as lighting source,widely
viewing.Small size and high brightness.
uses Fiber PCB board as circuit board,
more dependable for soldering
with PVC slot inherent, easily to perform
the installation
three LEDs for each single loop, could be snipped
and designed with two solder pan
convenient for connection with the different length strip
length strip
applied for 4P terminal as input and output,easier
for connecttion

Application case:
Widely applied for bureau,toproom,emporium shop,
pole lamp,wall wisher,building,advertisement
decoration and character sign eta.
input voltage:DC12V
style of LED:trinity-SMD LED
viewing angle:120°
communication mode:---
with controller:BC-05 BC-07 BC-11
power supply:output DC12V
with power supply:BPD4-015W BPD4-100W BPD4-350W
caculating ways for the power :
output power≥power consumption for each single
xconnecting number/80%
operating temperature:-40°C to 80°C
Life time:30 Kh
Resisting level:---

LED is one of the well controlled lighting sources,compared to the traditional lighting source, LED has the lower.power consumption .Generally,about 80% power could be saved and make the cost dropped sharply. Furthurmore,it also have the following features:low heat emitting,without harmful element,high brightness,high illuminous efficiency, easily installation and small size. It is said that the future days will be the innovation of lighting source as the leading application of LED green illumination.

Surface Size:Unit-mm

connection drawing

Connection mode
(more than 20pcs)

Material Specification
LED trinity,multiple-color LED(SMD)
Resistance resistance(which can be affixed) 1206
Socket 4P Flex needle (6.510)mm,2.0
Pedestal PVC Extrusion Molding(30814.36.8)mm
PCB Board

Fiber, white paint on surface (30011.51.7)mm


Technical Parameter :
Model Number LED Current per LED Power Consumption Surface Luminous Intensity Luminosity under 0.5m distance
Color Wave length (nm) Qty (PCS)
BB02B-F018H1D4H9-031A   RGB R:623-630 G:522-525 B:462-468 18 20±2mA 4.32W 25000 Lux 113 Lux


Packing Specification
Single Box
Packing Qty 25 Pc/Convolute


Weight: (N)
0.725Kg(G) 0.75Kg
Size (mm) 321x210x28
Outer Box
Packing Qty 500 Pcs/Outer Box
Weight: (N)
14.5Kg(G) 15.5Kg
Size (mm) 331x292x434