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Welcome to China BCXSMD Bar Manufacturer and Supplier

BCX (BCX LED) is an all-round high-tech enterprise that involved with R&D, production, sales and service. We are famous for the manufacture of SMD bars. Our product is avalible three LEDs for each single loop as its luminous body. These LEDs are evely arranged on the PCB board and also equipped with male and female connectors. It features a slim linear lighting of variable application. Our SMD bars are of widely application, such as bureau,toproom,emporium shop, stage,showroom, pole lamp,wall wisher,building,advertisement decoration and character sign etc.

  • Uses trinity-SMD LED as lighting source,widely viewing.
  • Small size and high brightness.
  • Uses Fiber PCB board as circuit board, more dependable for soldering with PVC slot inherent, easily to perform the installation
  • Three LEDs for each single loop, could be snipped and designed with two solder pan convenient for connection with the different length strip
  • Applied for 4P terminal as input and output,easier for connecttion

Our product is fully up to the international standards. BCX is firmly your best choice of SMD bar